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Suzhou JaBaz Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, sales and service of electronic test measuring instruments and automatic test systems. The main products include DC electronic load, feedback electronic load, programmable DC power supply, bidirectional DC power supply, test system, etc.
Automotive electronics
The control system of automobile is based on electronic equipment. The reliability of automobile...
electric vehicle

BMS system test AC/DC charging pile test On-board charger test

Hydrogen fuel cell

FC stack test FC air compressor test FC single chip discharge test

PV module test
Photovoltaic inverter test

Over the years, JaBaz has been deeply involved in the testing instrument industry. With high-quality products and professional pre-sale and after-sales services, it has provided a series of solutions such as automotive electronic testing, fuel cell testing, photovoltaic testing, and new energy testing.
It focuses on the release of industry news, such as the research and development of electronic test and measurement instruments and automated test systems, as well as the company's internal news, major events and other information.



The International Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles is an international industry event, gathering many developers of hydrogen...



According to foreign media reports, IKEA announced on March 16 that it had completed the installation of the fifth biogas...



According to Phoenix Motor, Toyota recently released a group of photos of its fuel cell vehicle Mirai undergoing road test in the cold zone of Scandinavia, which shows that Toyota is preparing for...



Recently, Tongji University, in cooperation with Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd. and Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd...



Dear friends2016 is a perfect curtain call. Thank you for coming all the way. We are very proud to accompany you for another year.In the new year of 2017, I wish you a happy new year, a happy famil...



1) It must be confirmed that the rated input voltage, rated input current and rated input power of the selected model can meet the test requirements with a slight margin...
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